Apprenticeship Programs


Description:  Work consists of the fabrication, installation,
and servicing of commercial and industrial heating,
cooling, and ventilating systems.  This may also include
metal siding, decking, gutters, architectural components,
and stainless steel kitchen equipment.  Essentially, if it
can be made out of metal, we can do it! 
The program is a 4-year apprenticeship with the student
attending school 2-nights a week.
The first step getting into this program is taking a written
test and passing it with 70% or more.  The next step will
be a personal interview.  The score of the written test and
interview are added together and a list is compiled with
the top scorer being number 1 on the list.  Contractors call
the Apprenticeship Office for apprentices and the first
name on the list is placed after successfully passing a
drug test.  Depending where in the year an applicant is
hired, school will begin immediately.


Description:  Consists of fabrication, installation,
repairing and servicing of heat and air conditioning
systems of family residences. 
Contractors call the Apprenticeship office with applicants
they are interested in hiring.  They have met these
applicants in a variety of ways.  It could be someone who
has sent a resume or stopped by the Contractor
expressing interest in beginning a residential
The program is a 2-1/2 year apprenticeship with the
student attending school two nights a week.



Description:  The service worker is mainly involved in service and
repair of heating and air conditioning systems whether it is
residential, commercial or industrial.
The program is a 4-year apprenticeship with the student
attending school 2-nights a week.
The first step into getting into this program is taking the written
test and passing with 70% or more.  After passing the test, a list
of Union Contractors will be mailed to the applicant.  The
applicant should contact the Contractors, present themselves
and try to get hired before September 1st.  When a Contractor
agrees to hire them, the applicant will contact the Apprenticeship
office and a drug test will be arranged.  After receiving a negative
result from the drug test, the Contractor can begin setting up a
work schedule.  School will begin in September.

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