Timely Pumping Out of Grease Traps Very Essential

In major cities like Brisbane, there are a number of standalone restaurants and hotels having in-house restaurants. All these establishments have proper arrangements for their kitchen drains, which include the grease traps. Grease traps function towards skimming the solid fats, greases and oils, allowing the liquid wastes to drain off. It is only when these fail to function or get choked that the restaurateur faces a huge problem. Hence, the operator of a grease trap pump Brisbane based has to be called in and the grease pump cleaned out. Read on to learn how this operates.


Grease Traps are a Must for Restaurants

Where there is continuous cooking taking place and thousands consume food every day, the kitchen tends to use a large quantity of oil and meat and fish and much more. All these will invariably create a lot of waste, which is thrown into the drain. The grease trap is the only option to ensure that the fats and oils and greasy substances do not go to the common drains because they can choke them and cause immense chaos in and around the restaurant’s kitchen. The grease trap takes care of this problem. The designing of the grease trap is such that they look like a tank inside a tank and sunk below the ground level. When the kitchen wastes reach the tank, the solid wastes remain on top and the liquid wastes slowly find their way down into the larger tank and are drained out. Now the agency which offers a grease trap pump Brisbane wide will be called in by the restaurant to pump out the waste accumulated in the grease trap.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Pump-outs

Generally, a restaurant owner or the housekeeping in charge will know the approximate frequency when the Brisbane grease trap pump operator is to be called in. They would attend to the call, bring in their tanker lorry fitted with the necessary equipment and clean up the grease trap. However, there are occasions when there could be a design defect or an excess of wastage thrown into the grease trap. Whatever the reason, if there are indications that the grease trap is getting filled or is blocked, then the agency which is operating the grease trap pump in Brisbane will have to be called in an emergency and the job done. Ensure that the work is done perfectly because there are black sheeps in the business and leave the job half done. The best ones don’t do it.

Negligence Could Lead to Damaging Results

Any negligence on the part of the restaurant or any big kitchen that has a grease trap fitted and fails to bring in the grease trap pump Brisbane agencies offer to pump out the wastes, there could be serious consequences. If there is blocking or choking, it might start showing in the form of a bad odour which can reach from the kitchen to the restaurant even. This could put off the diners, and even the restaurant’s business could be hit. If the drain spills out due to this negligence, then it could mean even more disastrous for the business of the restaurant. So act on time.

Post Author: Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams