Trick of Building a quality Home on a Shoestring Budget

Did you know that most homes are built on a limited budget? Any experienced builder Rochdale has can tell you that most projects have price constraints. However, even a shoestring budget does not mean you must sacrifice on the elements that will turn your dream home into a reality. All you need is to be smart and creative in your project. Here are some tips to help you keep your building budget within limits without compromising your vision.

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The design

One of the surefire ways of keeping your budget under control is by plotting a well-considered design scheme. Keep the design simple. Go for the easy and broad lines and avoid the difficult building details. Another golden rule in building budget homes is minimizing the floor area. By having a simple design and building small, you’ll save on both labor and materials.


It’s not all about comparing costs around town – the choice of your materials can hugely affect your building costs. You can creatively reintroduce slightly outdated materials and applications such as vinyl, plywood and pebble-dashing, in different settings of the home. Also, introducing materials that aren’t typically used in the domestic sphere can create a real wow factor to your home while keeping the costs minimal. Source for such materials in the local commercial supplier shops rather than in the lucrative domestic boutiques.

Get involved

Hiring the very best builder Rochdale can offer does not give you the permission to take a back seat. You need to be directly involved in the site as well as in procurement of materials if you want the budget to remain under control. If you are able to manage the project yourself, you need not hire a main contractor and so you’re likely to save some cash on that. Do not also allow your friends help you manage the project. They might pressurize you to use the expensive mainline kitchen showroom that fixed their cabinets yet an obscure carpenter recommended by your architect would have done an excellent job at a lower cost.

Shop wisely

Keep off the expensive showrooms. There are numerous online retailers that sell furniture, fixtures and hardware at discounted prices. Write down what you need before you set out shopping. This will allow you to compare offers against your budget allowance. And you don’t have to shop for everything from one shop. Some items could be cheaper elsewhere.

Keep your builder close by

Engaging a builder Rochdale expert early in the project can be a plus on your budget issue. You can consult him on design and material decisions particularly on the cost implications involved. This means that your expectations can be managed and there won’t be surprise costs in the course of the project.

These are some of the general concepts that have worked tremendously for budget homes. With a well-thought design, creativity in material choice, engaging in the process, shopping wisely and consulting your builder, you are rest assured of getting your dream home on your set budget. For the best builder in Rochdale, check out the Madison Homes website.

Post Author: Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams